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Why tan?

People choose to tan for psychological and physiological reasons. Most seek the cosmetic value of darker skin as a way to heighten mood and self-esteem. Others tan to help their bodies produce Vitamin D.

How does my skin tan?

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, a natural process begins to take place. Melanocytes are special cells in your epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin. When exposed to UVB (shorter) rays, these melanocytes produce the pigment, melanin, which is then absorbed by the surrounding skin cells. Exposure to UVA (longer) rays causes the melanin to oxidize or darken, creating a tan.

How can tanning increase my Vitamin D production?

The latest research, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, shows that those with the lowest Vitamin D levels have more than double the risk of contracting heart disease and other causes over an eight-year period compared with those with the highest Vitamin D levels. The researchers cite “decreased UV exposure” as one reason that people may become deficient in Vitamin D. So to help increase your Vitamin D, you may increase the time you are spending in the sun or in the tanning bed (when sunshine is not readily available). Please visit www.smarttan.com for more valuable information on the importance of Vitamin D.

Why should I use indoor tanning lotions?

Specifically formulated for indoor use, professional indoor tanning lotions enhance melanin production, as well as help to hydrate and condition the skin. When tanning, dry skin reflects light, not allowing UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when using a lotion. By using a lotion, you are allowing more UV light to penetrate your skin more quickly, which can develop a more natural looking tan up to 60% faster. Dry skin is not healthy skin; by keeping your skin in optimum condition, it will help you tan darker, faster, and stay tan longer.

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CBC Report: Get ‘D’ from UV
12/14/11  //  By Georgie Binks
A nationally broadcast report in Canada is talking up UV exposure from sunbeds as a great source of vitamin D — evidence that the media is catching on that the sunshine vitamin really does come most reliably and abundantly from the sun.


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