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Services and Products
Bronze Level Tanning
Bronze Level - Ultrabronz and Sunboard
For instantaneous color results only true high-pressure tanning can provide, the 950 series Ultrabronz or Sunboard 360 tanning lounge is your choice.The Bronze Level unique filter system, allows most of the UVB rays to be filtered out, allowing just enough to stimulate the melanin leaving UVA rays to darken the skin. With less than 1% UVB rays, the Bronze Level is ideal for any skin type.

Everyone agrees lasting tanning results are the most important reminder of a satisfiying tanning experience. Luxurious yet practical in every way. The Bronze Level tanning offers a cool, comfortable 15 or 18 minute tanning session. A base tan can be established in 3-5 sessions, with only 2-4 monthly sessions for maintaining a longer-lasting tan!

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